ENZO ▼HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount

브랜드 ENZO
품명 HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount
CAT. NO ADI-950-260-0025 분류 reagent
규격 1 x 25ml 재고 -
소비자가(₩) 210,000 CAS. NO
온도 R.T. 위험물
수입발주일 매주 목요일 오후 5시


Formulation:Liquid. Mounting medium containing <0.1% sodium azide.
Applications:IF, IHC, ISH (in situ hybridization)
Long Term Storage:Ambient
Technical Info/Product Notes:

HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount is an aqueous-based mounting medium for applying coverslips to tissues stained with fluorescent dyes. This product is compatible with FITC, phycoerythrin, phycocyanin, and allophycocyanin. It can also be used with other fluorescent markers such as Texas Red and rhodamine.





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